A quick interview I did a week ago with actor, Dave Jarrott, for Zach Theatre. He's discussing the upcoming play about LBJ, "The Great Society."

David R. Jarrot reflects on "The Great Society" from ZACH Theatre on Vimeo.

Fun to work with the new Aputure Light Storm LED lights! Even more fun to work with great talents!


BPete said...

Hey Kirk ... looking good. Suggestion that you might consider. When shooting an off center shot like these it will work better if the subject is talking to someone (you I presume) off camera, you might like the shot better if the eyes are crossing the lens to the empty side. In this case camera left, which justifies the extra off center space, sort of space for the off camera existence. Looking into the short side of the frame kinda crowds that side, see what you think when you think about it. Enjoying your venture into video land ... welcome to my side :)

Paul Gero said...

Kirk...what do you think of the COB 120D from Aputure?

Be curious if it might entice you to go back to a monobloc type of LED?


BPete said...

Just wanted to add that I'm talking about not this interview but the others you included. Personally I think this direct to camera presentation is the most powerful and interesting of the bunch because of it. However I know the difficulty that some folks have talking to a lens instead of a person and you go with what the subject dictates or the POV you think tells the best story.