Two more from Immortal Longings, the play by Terence McNally.

I seem to be having a love affair with several of Fuji's lenses. Today it was all about the 56mm f1.2 APD lens. But a week or so ago it was the 50-140mm f2.8 lens. It's a great set of focal lengths with which to shoot live theater productions. It's fast, sharp wide open and the range is perfectly suited for capturing the essence of most plays. The OIS in the lens works well with the IBIS in the X-H1 and the capper, for this kind of work, is the availability of the Eterna color profile to help flatten out the contrast  during capture. If a file is too flat you can always add a bit of pop to it. It's harder to go in the other direction; once the blacks are set, and the highlights are on the verge, trying to bring down the contrast in post is almost a fool's errand. 

Please click on the images to see them larger. 


Eric Rose said...

Your theatre photos are outstanding plus a nod must be given to the excellent lighting team at the theatre.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I look forward to trying one the Fuji 2.8 zooms next time they are on sell. Right now I am having a great time with my m4/3 kit and the OLYMPUS 3.0 update for my EM1.2. Glad, I kept my OLY stuff when I added Fuji to my gear set.

Michael Ferron said...

I wish you had asked permission to use that photo of me!! :)