Sunday morning in paradise. Cameras take a rest till later.


The sky was clear and blue this morning. I woke up early, made coffee and read an essay in Robert Adam's thin book, Robert Adams: Beauty in Photography: Essays in Defense of Traditional Values which I enjoy very much. I think Robert Adams is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated writers about photography that we have had. His writing is, to me, both succinct and engaging. Another Adam's favorite for me has always been: "Why People Photograph".

These books are filled with comfortable writing presented in a way that's so much more accessible to me than the sensationalism of current writing that's presented online. 

I closed the book, rinsed out my coffee cup, brushed my teeth and headed to the swimming pool. 

There was a slight breeze and the temperature hovered in between cooly comfortable and just right.

The water in the pool was clear and still cool but the weather forecast for the week ahead calls for more typical Summer temperatures so I think our respite from the heat might be coming to an end. Still, we've had a much milder Summer than any of us expected here. We have no little gratitude for that. Even so, the water will be warmer in a week than it is now and we'll adapt. 

Will was our coach today. He's still young. He's still faster than the rest of us when he comes to participate instead of coach. He writes interesting workouts. He gives good technical advice. He's encouraging to the full range of swimmers who show up, like addicts, every morning. He gave us a set with lots and lots of kicking. That's a nice balance to the endless sets of non-freestyle strokes we did yesterday. 

I shared a lane with two of my favorite fellow swimmers, Matt and Ed. Both are good swimmers and slightly faster than me. Ed led our lane, Matt followed in hot pursuit and I hung back at a more measured (lazy?) pace, going just fast enough to make the intervals but not pushing too hard. We got in some fine yardage, got the heart rates up, tuned up some triceps muscles and began the guts of our day ahead breathing hard but with smiles plastered across our faces. Swim practice is an absolutely wonderful way to start the day and it's also a way of pushing back on the inevitability of mortality. We'll eventually succumb...but NOT today.

We checked off about two miles of diligent swimming, high-fived each other and then headed out in the usual post swim practice diffusion which returns us, individually, to our families, our Sunday habits, and a happy embrace of a clean, clear day; kick started vigorously with like-minded and much valued friends. 

I'm heading out to photograph some of the store fronts on S. Congress which face east, before the sun crests and the shadows change the presentation of the more whimsical architecture found there. It should be a nice activity before the sun heats us all up too much and boils the fun out of being outside. 

One last portrait from Catie's shoot. A look of happy exuberance fostered by the sense of purpose that drives all good artists....



Michael Matthews said...

I came upon the preceding post after comments were locked. Just wanted to say that “Lou, film days” has to be one of the most striking portraits of this most beautiful subject. Regal. Stunning. Difficult to be both at the same time. Once again, my Lou Ann Lofton fixation kicks in.

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...


Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...