A one item wish list for Leica to consider in 2021-2022.

Dear Leica, 

Take the guts out of a Panasonic S5. Put them in one of your insanely beautiful, minimalist bodies that are carved out of aluminum, platinum and white gold alloy. Upgrade the glass stack over the sensor so you have something that works well with wide angle M glass as well as all L mount lenses. Add in your processor level camera science. Make the EVF gorgeous. Keep the size difference between this camera and the SL models in the same relation as Panasonic does vis-a-vis the S1 and the S5. Drop it into the market for $4,000. 

If I could add one more thing to the list: make a 50mm f2.8 lens that's just perfect. In chrome or black. Nothing too fancy. Just, you know, perfect. And put a price tag of $1,800 on it. 

The combo? Heaven. 

Thanks, KT


TMJ said...

"make a 50mm f2.8 lens that's just perfect": but not collapsible, please.

I use a Sony/Zeiss 35mm f2.8 on Sony APS-C, and it's wonderful. Who needs f2.0, or larger diameter lens? (I confess I have an Olympus OM 55mm f1.2, which looks great on an OM2 body).

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

TMJ, totally agree. f2.8 should be just right for modern cameras. As long as they are sharp and contrasty.

MikeR said...

Best wishes for Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Alex Carnes said...

Not sure about the sensor cover glass... I gather it causes Leica bodies to underperform with Sigma Art and Panasonic L lenses. Although I read that on Dig Lloyd's blog - much as I like him he does sometimes seem to get worked up about things most people wouldn't even notice. Nonetheless, if the Leica bodies played nicely with my Panasonic and Sigma lenses I'd be tempted to buy one. Otherwise, I'll just stick to Panasonic.

Enjoying the heck out of the S5 + 50/1.8 combo at the min!

Anonymous said...


A full frame version of a TL2, with EVF, would be interesting. Add in a tilt swivel rear screen like the Panasonic G9 has and I will be on the pre-order list with you. ;-)


Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Well imagined PaulB. And yes, I'd be on that list too.