The Good Stuff.


Finally...a nice afternoon on which to break-in my new lens. Out for a constitutional with the Sigma 18-50mm and its new friend, the Leica CL.

One of those handheld, ISO 6400 shots that you just hope will turn out. 

Big, concrete blocks.

Once again I'd like to thank the W Hotel for their fine hospitality and clean rest rooms.

Holiday Lighting at the Power Plant.


  1. Will Sigma be making an APS-C L-mount camera to go with their new lens? The choices are kind of sparse in that category now.

  2. As a CL owner, I've been following your adventures shooting with the Sigma 18-50. Do you have any interest in trying the Leica 3.5-5.6/18-56?

  3. Joel, I'm good with the Sigma. I'm afraid that if I try the Leica 18-50mm I might like it better and then figure out how to buy it. But my friend, Paul, cautioned me just today to keep the CL just as a fun, hobby camera and not to sink endless $$$ into yet another little system...


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