Photographing sculpture at Laguna Gloria's sculpture gardens.

I was procrastinating again this morning. Sure, I went to swim practice, blew the leaves off the sidewalks at the office and house, and brewed a nice cup of coffee, but I just didn't feel like tackling the never-ending  task of cleaning up the studio and sorting all the junk so I can make a nice portrait of a radiologist tomorrow morning. There are some tasks that I just love putting off. Organizing my space is one of them. 

So, instead I grabbed a handy camera and headed over to what used to be called "Laguna Gloria Art Museum" but is now called "The Austin Contemporary at Laguna Gloria" .... or something like that. Basically, it's an art museum inside an old mansion on ten or twelve prime acres of West Austin real estate with hundreds of feet of lake front on Lake Austin. One of the ultra-prime real estate locations in all of central Texas. And, no. It's not for sale. 

The interior space of the museum was closed today and I'm not even sure if there is a current show there but I didn't really care; I came to walk through the gardens and see the outside collection of sculpture. One of my favorites is this one (above and below). It's called, "Water Woman" and it was created by Wangechi Mutu. Bronze cast. It was created and installed in 2017.

It's currently my favorite work of art in the gardens but there are plenty of other good pieces as well.

I used the Leica SL combined with the Panasonic 50mm f1.8 lens and I'm very 
happy with the sharpness at f2.5-2.8. The main benefit of photographing 
subject like these in mixed light with the SL2 is the enormous 
dynamic range of the camera. It's pretty amazing. 

It looks like Blogger broke the lightbox function for 
viewing multiple images in a post so if you want
to see one larger you need only click on it and then use the back
button on your browser to return to the main body of the post. 

now fixed.

It's too hot today to do anything else. It was 94° by the time 
I left the gardens at 11:15. The combination of heat 
and humidity made it feel already like 102°
Nothing as crummy as working up a good sweat before lunch.

The heat index just hit 108° here in Austin, Texas. My little A/C for the office is struggling. 
Maybe we should just stop doing business in August.....