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A quick nod to Ben who turned 16 on Sunday...

 Ben at Emma Long Park.  Contax G2 with 21mm Biogon Lens.  Kodak T-max 400 CN  (C-41 process, black and white film).

Ben at Asti.  Leica M6 .8TTL,  50mm Summilux.  Tri-X film.

Ben.  A few weeks ago.  Dining room table.  Hasselblad 501 CM.  80mm Planar.  Tri-X.

I guess everyone likes their kids.  I really like the one I got.  He's smart and kind.  And he's very patient when I ask him to help me with photographic stuff.  I find it funny just how many photographs of Ben are done in black and white or with the intention of black and white.  I also find it amusing that he's been photographed with such a wide range of cameras.

He just turned sixteen years old and he's still socially adroit and happy.  I know, I know, it's only a matter of time before the rebellion kicks in.

Ben likes "hand me down" cameras, but only if they do video.  Extra points if they have microphone inputs.  He's got a collection of Canons super zooms that he and his friends use for video projects.  He owns his own Gitzo Tripod, complete with side arm and fluid head, because he used mine way too often.

Will he become a photographer?  Naw.  He's way too smart for that....


  1. My oldest son is about to turn four and already I'm looking at his early photos and amazed how fast time has gone by. Reading the posts about your son remind me to treasure every moment.

    There are also a large number of videos of him and he sometimes requests to watch them instead of the usual cartoons. This newer generation will grow up with tons more footage of them than ever before.

    I wonder what sort of effect it will have? Will kids be even more fame hungry than they are now? Eager to have more and more people "watch" them?

  2. I love the fact that he has a Gitzo

  3. He shot his school PSA project last year with Canon DSLR's, boomed Rode mics and fast Zeiss glass. Might as well supply him with good stuff. Fewer excuses for failure....

  4. You all are lucky and blessed. Rebellion is just part of life.

    And always smile.

  5. Well, happy belated birthday to him. Man he was skinny when young (first photo), and that must be Belinda in the background I guess? Love the look of Tri-X by the way. I'd love to grab a Contax 645 or so one day.

    Oh, and my sons are 24 and 21 now. They both live their own lives of course, but still sometimes surprise me with their good taste, and/or funny comments. Good to see them grow up, even if the world is much more difficult than it was when I was in their age.

  6. You probably get this all the time, but boy does he ever look like you. I find it kind of delightful and eerie seeing him as your proxy staring out at the innocent blog reader.


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