One lovely reader asked to see my images from the LES MISERABLES dress rehearsal at Zach Theatre.

You know, the ones I took and ran through post production late into the night just before I left town for Colorado for eight days. I finally had time to go back and look at them and now I want to go see the musical again, but this time without a camera stuck in front of my face.

Technical Details: No big news here. No tripod, no monopod; all just handheld from the top row of the orchestra setting about half way into the theater. Two cameras and two lenses: Sony a99 and Sony a850 cameras. Mostly shot at 3200 and 1600 ISO. 70-200mm G f2.8 on the a850 and a Tamron SP 28-70mm f2.8 on the a99. All images shot as Large (24mp) extra-fine Jpegs. Breath out slowly and massage the shutter button. Recompose and repeat. Wait for the "peak of action." Shoot again. I generated about 2200 files over the course of the show (it's a longer one) and someone else edited them down. Delivered on a pixie sized 500 GB hard drive. Great show!!! Wonderful actors. Cool lighting.

Wanna see em bigger?  Keep clicking on them...

Studio Portrait Lighting

Studio Portrait Lighting