Sony point and shoot camera as "street photography instrument."

I went for a walk downtown this afternoon. The city was hosting the annual Pecan Street Festival. Free and open to the public. Blocks and blocks of vendors and non-profit organizations selling everything from custom T-shirts to dark chocolate. It was fun to walk through the crowd at a leisurely pace, stopping to snap the flow of people going by like a lively river. 

I was going to take a full frame camera and a 50mm lens but I read something recently that more or less said we tend to become prisoners to our past habits, so I put down the cliché rig and grabbed my trusty Sony RX10iii. I set the camera to "A" and walked along taking in the ambiance and the energy of families and singles walking, some with their dogs, along a long line of booths and tents. It was fun, relaxing and the first afternoon the temperature hasn't hit the 90's in a good long while. Here is some of what I saw..