What some people do to celebrate the arrival of a new year. No alcohol involved. Or cameras.

Jan. 1, 2023

 The neighborhood was quiet this morning. The pre-dawn was a steely gray. I woke up at seven and headed to the kitchen to make myself a large coffee. Organic Columbian, roasted yesterday. Medium roast. I also smeared some peanut butter on two slices of hearty "super" bread for the protein and carbs. Swallowed a .81mg aspirin then grabbed my swim suit and towel from the towel rack in my bathroom and headed out to the car. The sun was rising as I left the driveway. I got to the parking lot at the pool at 7:50 and changed into my swim suit. Blue swim cap. Goggles resting across my forehead. 

The crowd around the pool was energized and boisterous. The coach was writing the special, New Years Day workout on the whiteboard with a marker. When he finished he turned to the crowd of swimmers and explained the workout. 

We would hit the water at 8 sharp. No warm-up. No screwing around. Our only set was 100 x 100 yards with each 100 yard swim completed and ready to go on the next one in one minute and thirty seconds. Total. 100 x 100s on 1:30. A daunting pace for a lot of us in the pool. Not too dramatic for the former Olympians and All Americans. They swam faster. They got more rest between 100s.

We got moving at 8. We swam without a break, making our intervals, until 10:30. If you needed to get out you got out. The pool was warm. The coach walked up and down the deck passing out bottles of water and encouraging us to stay hydrated. Most of the elite swimmers had their fill by 9 am and started leaving; a few at a time. More people came at 9 am to join those already in progress. 

If you completed the whole cycle you got in 10,000 yards. It's not a bad way to start out the new year. I don't recommend this kind of workout for new or first time swimmers. ( wry humor implied ) This kind of event really does require some pre-training in order to sustain and finish a set like this. 

Our reward, besides getting in 10,000 fast, hard yards, was breakfast tacos paid for by the club and delivered just in time to coincide with the final few hundreds. 

I might need a nap later today...

It's a new year. Let's get moving.

Happy New Year 2023 !!! Go out there and have fun.

 From all one of us here at VSL H.Q. here's hoping you have a great New Year and plenty more to come.