A Silly Lighting Solution Done Mostly Just to Do it.

Shower heads. 

I was photographing at a Spa out near Lake Travis when I came across this shower room, just off the massage area. I wanted to shoot a close up with the water running and I wanted the light to come from below and really accent the water stream. I thought about it for a few minutes and then it dawned on me that with little LED panels I could put the lights anywhere I wanted them. 

I stuck them on the floor, directly under the water streams, but first I stuck both of the LED panels into plastic bags. With my camera on a tripod I could select any shutter speed and aperture combination I wanted so I tried to find one that isolated the shower heads from the background without completely obliterating the background. This is the image straight out of camera and I'm sure we prettied it up a bit in the post production but it was a lot of fun watching my assistant's face when she realized I was going to subject my lights to "water torture." 

It's not the first time we've stuck lights in odd and wet places. A few years back we were photographing a zero edge swimming pool at sunset for an architecture magazine and we sealed portable flashes, equipped with radio triggers, into several layers of Ziploc(tm) plastic bags and tossed them into the pool for more illumination. It all worked out well. I did have to jump in and retrieve the lights at the end of the session but I never seem to mind getting in and out of swimming pools....

Here's what our BHS lighting looked like in the shower...

And here's the pool shot:


  1. Because it worked you are a genius lol. I love experimenting, it takes the tedium out of the usual day to day stuff. BTW my wife wants me to tell you know she is really enjoying The Lisbon Affair. She is very proud of the fact that she also understands all the photo/camera references you make. When is the next book coming out?? Like you don't have enough on your plate.

  2. Hi Eric, It made my day to read that your wife is reading my novel. I'd love to hear how she liked it when she finishes it. I'm actually working (in my off time????) on the St. Petersburg novel, featuring: Henry White, anxious photographer..... Thanks for asking.

  3. Good tp hear. I will certainly get her to comment here. Sorry for the above word salad. I should never post comments from my cellphone and especially after having had a good shot of tequila ;)


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