Photographing a glorious afternoon and early evening. Eighty degrees and beautiful yesterday. If you weren't outside....

I walked on Friday with a friend but I went right back on Saturday afternoon to take another look. It really is different when you go out by yourself. Yesterday was gorgeous. The temperature got all the way up to 80° which meant everyone was in shorts and t-shirts and just enjoying the heck out of the day.

I grabbed the little Fuji X100V and got to photographing. The images below are in reverse order, chronologically. Don't know why but that's how Blogger presented them to me. So we start at the end of the day and work our way back.

Under the Lamar Blvd. Bridge on Lady Bird Lake.
Wringing everything I can out of the camera's sensor.
ISO 6400. Handheld. Dark enough that I couldn't read 
the top dials of the camera.

Waiting for Godot?

The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge was packed with people.
Some came to sit quietly and watch the purple sunset 
take over the day. Some were just passing through.

A photographer waiting for the light to get just right.

Ah. Barefooted.