Life is good. Photography is fun again.

I was looking ahead at the month of May dreading another slow month with clients cancelling projects or postponing them till next month when I decided to do something about it.  I declared May the "month of personal art" and sent an invite to all the people on my Facebook account asking them to come to the studio and have their portrait made.  

The project has been fun.  I'm meeting new people by referrals and I'm sitting down and talking to old friends who are stopping by to participate.  Belinda is happy to have a photo of Ben and our dog, Tulip.

I photographed a father and son earlier today and it may be the most beautiful shot I've ever taken of a small kiddo.  I can hardly wait for the dad (also a photographer) to see the gallery.  And I'm excited that I'm so excited about taking photos again.

I've been struggling to get my fourth book done and it started to seem like one of those projects that would just go on forever.  Now I feel a bit of joy about the project and it looks so much better to me.

I had so much fun at my son's swim meet on friday and I'll post some of those shots over on smugmug in the next few days.  I am the team's photographer and that gives me a good excuse to roam around with a neckful of my favorite cameras and blaze away.  The funnest pix are from the little "six and unders".  My son is an assistant coach this year and helps teach them to race. Can't imagine a funner thing for a dad to photograph!!!!

Since it's all for fun I feel free to bring along my favorite old art cameras.  On friday I shot with the Kodak DCS 760 and an Olympus e-1 with a bit of Canon G10 thrown in for good measure. The Olympus is twice as good as I remember it.  I'm thinking I'll get a longer zoom and make it the primary camera for the swim season.  The raw files are delicious and most parents just want digital files.  Nobody seems to want prints anymore which is great with me.

The G10 with face detection rocks for wide angle, quick group shots.  Everyone should have one of these cameras.  I really want to write a book about the new small camera phenomenon. Something like, "Getting Professional Results with Your Point and Shoot Camera!"  I think that's where a lot of photography is going.  And for good reason.

Speaking of books, David Hobby over at Strobist did his magic.  He reviewed my second book, Studio Techniques, and drove sales off the charts over at Amazon.com.  Last week the book was the #1 book in the photographic lighting category.  Yahoo!  That's two in a row.

I'm not sure that everyone gets that the second book is not meant to be a product extension of the small flash trend.  It's very much about traditional lighting techniques and studio stuff. Check out the reviews.

Finally, I am jazzed about starting a new project for Zachary Scott Theater.  We're spending four day this week doing their season brochure in one of my favorite styles.  Should be a blast. This will be the first project I've done that will have a videographer along shooting the shooting.  I'll try to figure out how to incorporate that into a blog next week.

The other image above is an example of how I light white backgrounds.  The whole explanation is in the studio book.

Keep shooting.  Keep loving it.  Life is good.