A fun image from my event photography in December 2012. President Bill Clinton and Linkin Park's, Mike Shinoda.

©2012 Kirk Tuck. 

Sometimes I write blogs complaining about the pitfalls and setbacks of life as a photographer but most of the time it's just straight out fun. Back in December I got to shoot images of Mike Shinoda playing with a new, touch screen Dell computer and making original music in front of 5,000 people and then later shaking hands with President Bill Clinton. It was like a weird meeting of cross-generational stars. I got to meet both of them and the things they have in common are an uncanny charisma and the ability to see a bigger picture that most people do (myself included).

I used a Sony a77 to make the image, lit it with an Elinchrom Ranger RX AS electronic flash, and left it alone with only minimal processing..

Nervous at the time of the shoot but happy with the memory of the event.