I updated Adobe Lightroom Classic to version 12.0 on Friday and I've been playing with it ever since. The new features are great.

That's a link the "what's new?" It's all good. 

SL2+Lumix 50mm.


We are in the middle of a weather change here. After two hot days (again...) we've got wind gusts moving through and rain on the way. Tomorrow evening we were scheduled to make an outdoor portrait of 16 surgeons with the downtown skyline in the background. You know, a classic sunset shot. But the strong prediction is for thunderstorms in the late afternoon. That's too bad because 5 or 5:30 p.m. would have been the perfect time to shoot. Now cancelled (or rescheduled). 

The recompense is water for the aquifer and water for my parched lawn.

After the weather front plows through it will be back to sunshine, rainbows and unicorns until at least Thursday. Ah, the drama of weather in my birthday week. Seems appropriate.

All of the images here were done with a Leica SL2. Additionally they were done with either the Lumix 50mm lens or the Sigma 45mm lens. Sadly, I like both lenses equally. No clear front runner even though the Sigma lens looks cooler. 

This will be the first birthday in many years that I have not celebrated by buying a new (to me) camera!!! I guess that turning 67 means I am becoming more mature and responsible. Just don't tell my friends. 

But as regards the absent camera purchase....the deadline has not yet expired....