Emmett Fox, owner and executive chef at Asti Trattoria.
In Austin, Texas.

I was sitting in a comfortable chair reading a book late yesterday afternoon when I looked out the window and saw that the sky had turned quite beautiful. I caught myself wishing I had some assignment or any reason at all to be out photographing and taking advantage of all that sweet, late day light. I re-oriented my thinking just a bit and remembered that my friend, Emmett and his partner, Lisa were re-opening their restaurant this week for take out. Their patio was also re-opening too. Just no dining room right now...

I decided that Emmett would be a great subject to photograph so I grabbed the Lumix G9 with the 25mm Meike Cine lens, as well as my trusty iPhone and headed over to the Hyde Park neighborhood, just north of the UT Law School, in the center of Austin.

Emmett and I walked together for exercise earlier in the week but he was still surprised to see me show up with my camera. I shot a bunch of images of the restaurant exterior with my iPhone (auto HDR can be a wonderful thing...) and then got serious with my G9 and the 25mm.

This weekend is the 20th anniversary for their business and I've been a delighted customer every step of the way. Emmett and I also swim together in the masters program at The Western Hills Athletic Club. 
The thought of them working the 20th anniversary of the restaurant without some photos to document the occasion seemed wrong. Sitting around in my chair while the light sparkled and amazed seemed lazy and stupid. Sometimes it's incumbent on us lazier photographers to push ourselves just a little harder.

Two big benefits to my impromptu photo session: 1. Emmett and Lisa sent me home with tiramisu for two (amazing, delicious, comforting, fattening --- but in a good way). and, 2. I know Emmett can't repurpose this series of breathtaking portraits for his passport because of the face mask!!!
Emmett Fox, owner and executive chef at Asti Trattoria.
In Austin, Texas.

Emmett greets me in front of the restaurant. Mask and apron, the new norm.

Ben, Belinda and I have been coming here on as many evenings as we could 
over the last 20 years. Ben had his first escargot here. And his first sorbettos. We are 
all addicted to their house made bread sticks and focaccia. I love Emmett's 
fried artichoke hearts with aioli. 
Belinda is a fan of any risotto they happen to make.

Lisa and Emmett Fox. In front of Asti. Ready to feed you!

All images available light. Really nice available light. 

ISO 25!