Sunday afternoon walk around downtown. With a beautiful model in tow.

Jana standing in the alley next to the children's museum looking incredible.

If you've been reading the blog for a while you probably know my Sunday ritual of walking around downtown with a camera just to see what's new and what's worth shooting.  It's been a jam packed weekend so I didn't go solo, I met up with Jana and Chrystal at Little City Coffee House on Congress Ave. and we did a little walk around Second Street and Sixth Street.  This is from the alley next to the Children's Museum.  The last time they painted the walls green they did a few test strips on the wall no one looks at.  I've been shooting the strips for a while and thought they made a nice background.

I mentioned my plans to a few of my photo-friends and they all volunteered to come along and help.  Since when did street shooting, or art for that matter, become a team sport.  I'm sure they had in mind some sort of assisting role like holding a reflector (which I did not bring) or helping to set up lights (the I did not bring) or perhaps chipping in with witty chit chat and wise guy banter (which I did not need but brought buckets of anyway).

I really can't think of many things more disconcerting for a model than trying to maintain a fun rapport with one 50 year old photographer much less a gaggle of them.  If I wanted a bunch of people tagging along as I shot a model for our mutual portfolios I would announce a workshop and get these eager guys to ante up some cash.

I did a quick post processing of one image out of about 300 and I'm really happy with it.  I can hardly wait to get busy on the other images.  It's fun to find a model who:  A.  Shows up on time.  B. Is witty, charming and seems to be able to read your mind about how you'd like her to pose.  C.  Brings a friend of equal model potential, just for fun.

I worked with a modern camera and a short, fast telephoto zoom lens.  No lights, no modifiers.  We accomplished what we set out to do.  We had fun and we made photos that both of us liked.  That's the best you can hope for on any Sunday afternoon.

On the way home I bought a really great bottle of Riesling and four walnut brownies from Whole Foods.  Belinda made some Pad Thai and we kicked back.  Nice way to slide into Summer.  More Jana images to come during the week.  Stay tuned.

Thanks, Kirk

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