An interesting epiphany received while photographing a radiologist.

It was a typical, unusual Sunday afternoon around here. Most of the day was spent doing "Sunday" things like cleaning up, shopping for the week ahead, berating my wine merchant for sending me an indifferent Tempranillo, etc. The one variation from our usual weekend trajectory was the last minute scheduling of a studio portrait for a radiologist, newly arrived at one of the practices I serve. He had a packed schedule during the week ahead and Sunday afternoon was the only pause in his schedule. I am nothing if not flexible, when it comes to scheduling, so, of course I accommodated him.

The doctor showed up in jeans and a pair of worn cowboy boots but, per the dress code of the practice, he had a suit coat, tie and formal shirt on for his session. It was steamy hot outside so I offered him a seat, turned the air conditioning down to "sub-arctic" and got him a bottle of water. We started to chat and ended up still animatedly engaged an hour and a half later. I finally had to call for an end to our wide-ranging but fun conversation so we could get down to the business of taking his photograph.

When we finished out photographic project he mentioned how similar our businesses were, at the heart of the enterprise. I was surprised and asked him to