A Quick Portfolio of Landscapes from Pedernales Falls State Park. Sunday, August 7th, 2022.


We had a break in the heat yesterday and I planned out a quick trip to Pedernales Falls State Park, just 45 miles and change from Austin. I wore lightweight clothes that covered my arms and legs, my newest pair of rattlesnake-proof hiking boots, a good hat and some fingerless gloves. I scrambled on the rocks and up the side of house-sized boulders until I ran out of water in both the 32 ounce bottle and the 16 ounce bottles I'd packed in my small backpack. Then I called it quits and headed home. Didn't want to take too many chances...

The park was largely empty today. No good running water for swimming and way too hot for most families.

A great opportunity for uncrowded landscape photography. Something I rarely do but sometimes enjoy.

I mostly used the old Y/C Carl Zeiss, Contax 35-135mm zoom lens, a few with the new Sigma 35mm f2.0 and all with the Leica SL2. Everything raw and then converted for the portfolio in Lightroom Classic.

Hope it rains soon. Hate to see the falls drying out. Photo of the photographer at the end.....

Watch: Seiko Kinetic. 
A self-winding automatic quartz. 
Weird? Yeah.

I took their advice and avoided hiking at noon. I started a bit closer to one.

A quick vacation to Pedernales Falls State Park. Landscapes with the Carl Zeiss 35-135mm lens.

 Pedernales Falls State Park.

Just a break from the usual cabin fever/downtown walk...

Camera: Leica SL2
Lens: Contax 35-135mm Zoom
Shoes: Hi-Tec Hiking boots. 

Sunscreen by Trader Joe's.