Photographing little slices of Texas.

Sony a77 with 85mm 2.8 Sony DT lens.

I had a wonderful time at the grand opening party for the newest addition (the Topfer Theatre) at the Zachary Theatre complex. We were entertained by Tony Award winner, Brian Stokes Mitchell, treated to open bars and fed lavishly by some of Austin's finest chefs. Today I'm off to shoot the opening reception of a very interesting conference and, knowing both the client and the venue, I'm sure I'll be well fed there as well. Social Photographers; as long as we stay busy and booked we'll never have to pay for dinner again... :-)

The image above is part of the signage at the Nutty Brown CafĂ©, out near Dripping Springs, Tx. I shot it as an afterthought to a job. I'm very please to have the image because it reminds me of growing up in Texas.  Back when the state seemed to be all about cowboys, oil and cattle. Now it's all about business, tech and entertainment. Life changes. It's always good to have a front row seat. That's one of the perks of being a photographer.

The image was made with a Sony a77 camera and a Sony 85mm 2.8 DT lens. 

"We've got miles and miles of Texas....."  -Asleep at the Wheel.

Monday and Tues. I continue at the conference and Weds. we're shooting some advertising materials for Esther's Follies. Weds. evening is another short event and Thurs.& Friday are all about getting back in the pool and catching up on the post processing. A week of fun.

But that means that blog entries might be a bit thin on the ground.  There are over 1200 previous entries you could catch up on.......Just keep scrolling down.