Ye olde dayes of corporate photography...

Mid-1990's. I've set up a flash and I'm going to make portraits of each person who gets on this boat for a cruise around the lake. I'm stacking up the city skyline in the background. I'm using the self-timer on my camera to test the flash. Since we didn't have little TVs on the back of our cameras I am using a flash meter. We shoot a lot of 35mm film and our lab makes prints for everyone. The event is for Motorola. They serve a dinner on the boat. It is chicken or beef fajitas and assorted complementary Mexican food. Wine and beer. I eat a fajita, it is pretty darn good.


  1. How on earth did you recall that shoot with such detail?

    1. Hi David, I seem to have an eidetic memory for every photo shoot I've done. I can even tell you that the image was done on Kodak Supra 400 speed color negative film with a Nikon F5 and a 28-70mm 2.8 Nikon lens. Gitzo 320 tripod and a Nikon SB24 flash.

    2. That's so neat Kirk, very interesting talent to compliment your photography.

    3. Gee, I thought you were using a mnemonic technique associating a particular meal or beverage experience with a shoot and then recalling the food item. As the memory of the taste comes flooding back into your mouth, all the details of the shoot pop back into consciousness too. I thought it was the memory of the fajitas that triggered it all. :-)

  2. Wow, I thought that was Ben when I opened the post, turns out it is Kirk, not Ben.
    He looks exactly like his dad, copy-paste. I wish him success.


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