Random Shots with Captions. Total non sequiturs. Shot with a Sony RX10-2.

This shop used to sell kitchen supplies. Corkscrews. Dinner Plates. Esoteric Coffee Machines.
They are no longer in business. There is a short term rental for SXSW in there now. 
What will go in next month?

Virtual Reality demo while sitting in a pedi-cab, just off 2nd street. 
It's all part of the SXSW Interactive Festival. 

This giant rhino was being prepared by a team of pyrotechnics pros. He will be featured in a parade down Sixth St. Believe it or not --- he will breath fire!

Pizza. Pizza right now. On Sixth St. No wristband necessary.

It becomes obvious that it is painfully hard. Almost impossible. To look
cool while standing in a big, big line to get into a third rate bar that 
smells vaguely of urine, overlayed with floral scented disinfectant spray. 

That horrible moment when you find out that your name really isn't on the list....

The first (and only) evidence of political advertising at SXSW.

And this year the badges are so big you can also use them as serving trays.
Yes, I have my phone.

God Bless Willie Nelson. Austin area treasure.

You may be a cool guy at SXSW but this guy is here to remind you that you are still in Texas.

Red Utility Cover.

Blue(ish) Utility Cover.

Greenish Utility Cover. 

Yellow Utility Cover.

Purple Utility Cover.

Old Electrical Infrastructure.

Looking Northwest from the Seaholm Center.

It rained all last week. Dank grey skies. No horizon line. A week lost to computer chores and accounting indoors (as opposed to outdoor accounting?). So, after dropping Ben off at some computer conference at SXSW Interactive I headed downtown to just soak in the sunlight and made random, unstructured photographs with my Sony RX10ii. 

I brought along a 62mm polarizing filter. Hey, guess what? If you use a polarizer that's not got thin rings you will get "filter-on-the-edges" vignetting at the widest focal length of that particular camera. I saw the first hints of vignetting at 25mm on the Panasonic fz 1000 but the Sony had obvious corner occlusion. Live and learn. Get skinnier polarizers or just use the camera without. At anything over 28mm (equiv) it wasn't an issue. 

I was partly invested in finding good SXSW photos and partly invested in getting a good walk done in the sunshine. I succeeded in getting a good walk done. At some point I turned off the camera, slung it over my shoulder and just enjoyed the scenery. 

Not everything needs to be photographed.