Using the Sony a6300 to create video promoting a new production at Zach Theatre. Austin, Texas.


Ben and I had all day shoots on Wednesday and Thurs. last week. We're giving the new LED lights a good workout and I'm pretty much thrilled at the wonderful flesh tones I'm getting in both video and stills with the new lights. 

After a couple of full days of shooting video on multiple locations, followed by some rush edits on Friday, (along with too many meetings) I decided that I really needed to take some time off on Saturday. 

I slept in till nearly 7 am and then hit the pool for a refreshing swim (outdoors) in our new winter weather. Fun to watch icicles grow on the bottoms of the starting blocks while we did our workout. A little later we followed our Saturday family tradition and went out for lunch. The group consensus led us to Mexican food yesterday and it was a perfect counterpoint to the frigid weather. 

By mid-afternoon the absence of an immediate project to work on started to weigh on me so I packed a few equipment bags and headed over to Zach Theatre to make a few photographs of the early rehearsals of the new LBJ play, and also to record video interviews with three of the principal actors.  Once the actual interviews are edited and online I'll share a link here so you can see them for yourself, but as a poor alternative I did roll some video on myself before I packed up and headed home for dinner. The actors are much, much better in front of the camera --- and much better looking. But I thought you'd like to see what our final set-up looked like...

The camera was the Sony a6300. The lens was the 18-105mm f4.0 G. The microphone was an Audio Technica AT835B. One Aputure LS-1/2 LED used naked on the background and one LS-1/2 LED running through a 50 inch reflector to the left of frame as a main light. No fill. 

I spent today editing and then scouting our location for tomorrow's video shoot for one of my client's annual meeting events, in the ballroom of a local hotel. Our call time is 6:30 am and the start time is 8:00 am so I guess there's no swimming in the morning. 

Here are behind the scenes images of my set up for the videos:

And a "behind the scenes" candid of my favorite public relations collaborator, Lauren L. 

Ben, Belinda and I are off to celebrate our recent video successes with a nice dinner at the Four Season Hotel's restaurant, Treo. Hope you have a great and artistically productive week ahead.