Do you shoot a lot? Do you stay in practice? Is it still fun?

I was up early this morning.  I was on location setting up at 7:45 am and we were shooting images by 8:30 am.  When I got back to the studio I put two batteries on the charger, downloaded the day's images, backed them up on a second drive and then got ready to go out for a little recreation.  From 4:30 pm til 9:15 pm I took some personal time to do what I love to do second most......take photographs.  That's Ben above.  The first image is from a backstroke race.  I like the frozen water and the deep blue.  That's not processed.  Not even sharpened.  The second image is of Ben wearing caution tape and waiting to swim the anchor slot of the freestyle relay.  They won.  By several body lengths.

The only time I put the cameras down was to swim second on the parents versus coaches freestyle relay. With a motley assemblage of former college swimmers and a former NCAA All American we did out touch our younger team of coaches.

But I digress.  The important thing is how much I anticipated going out and making more images.  I shot 400 images this morning for work.  I shot another 633 this evening for fun.  And the post processing will be even more fun.  This is the kind of passion you need to feel for your craft and your profession if you want to do this as a profession.

And every now and then it all clicks.  If you practice.  And you carry that camera with you everywhere....
image processed in LR3 using "Old Polar" preset.  Love the effect of the contrast and saturation. Love the swimmer kids.  They're the best.  

Wrapping up the day at 10:46 and ready for some fun projects tomorrow.  Keep your batteries charged and your cards formatted.  You never know what you'll see if you take a new path.


Wolfgang Lonien said...

These first two are really cool, Kirk. Since they are 2:3 I assume you used one of your Canon cameras?

And wow, 1000+ shots a day is indeed a lot. I never tried, but I think even the two batteries I have for my E-520 won't give me that mileage. Maybe 800-900 or so; depends on how much I use the LCD.

I would need time for myself. Solitude. Being alone. And then go and shoot. A bit like you did on your escape lately.

Don said...

1. Not as much as I would like. (would prefer shooting to most any other thing)
2. Yes, I do.
3. Oh man, is it ever.

I am totally and completely mesmerized by the still image, the capture process, the hunt and the inspiration. When it all comes together, and the image is there it still makes me feel the same exhilaration that I felt at the beginning - well, after a few year of "Oh crap that crap looks like crap" and I learned and grew.

Still learning. Still growing I hope.

kirk tuck said...

Don, It's always a high point in my week if I write something that gets a response from you! You are one of my inspirations.

Dear readers, If you don't know Don Giannatti go immediately to:


and start reading. Don is a master photographer in every sense of the word. As well as being an incredibly interesting writer. I read him. You should too.

Wink of an eye Digital said...

Ya know I follow both you and Don to inth degree I just wish you both would show up on strobist as a "at least"....vintage pros

I also know all the reasons why you don't.

PS kirk you need to get a picture of yurself swimming.....

kirk tuck said...

I'm a bit sad. The summer league swim season ends after next weekend and I won't have swimmers to photograph anymore. It's my favorite six or seven weeks of shooting every year. Next Saturday is our swim meet against Lakehills. The club abuts Lake Travis. The kids can swim warm ups in the lake and then head in for their events in the pool. How much fun is that?!