Procedural Note: The Video we posted yesterday is temporarily offline. The client requested a delay in posting and we are happy to oblige. The video will be up again shortly.

In the meantime I've got nothing new to post.


Mark the tog said...

That test pattern looks a lot like Kirk Tuck.

Greg Heins said...

So here's a question for a slow day: we're using GH5s for much the same purposes as you. Not long ago, we were asked by an outside European producer to shoot some material for her, and among the normal kind of specifications she asked that we use a 1/4 black Pro-mist filter (new to us!). Later I noticed someone else using a Pearlescent filter (these are both Tiffen). As I described it to my colleague, the first is when we used to wrap a layer of black stocking over the lens and the second is when we used the cellophane from cigarette packs. Anyway, this got my attention and we've acquired a few of these and find them quite useful to cut the sharpness. Our subjects are usually of middle years or beyond and they are selected for their knowledge, not their skin tone. Let's say that they do not mind the idea that their skin will not be tack-sharp. Are you using any of these in your work? Thanks.