Still post processing. Still posting portraits. This one photographed with a Rokinon 50mm f1.2 at f2.0.

Sidney. ©2018 Kirk Tuck


Henk said...

Great set of portraits Kirk, she must be very happy with these beautiful images in her portfolio.

dasar photography said...

well, I am for sure not an expert portrait photographer, but it seems that the nose is fully out of focus. Isn't it ?

Richard said...

Talk about narrow depth of field! It is pretty portrait, but not very much is in focus. It appears the only things IN focus are her corneas and her lips. She has nice corneas, and beautiful lips.
So, what is the point? Is this really useful? or are you just trying to make a point to people who are so obsessed with ultra bright, f/1.2 lenses and there is a point where they are no longer useful?

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