Rainy Day Camera.

High wind. Endless rain. Cabin fever. A combination that might lead one to exit their comfy and dry house and head out for another Sunday walk. As usual, the burning question is, "What camera to take?"
I wanted  today's camera to check several features on my list. I wanted it to have a wide ranging zoom, a weatherproof build, really good 4K video and a total price tag (camera and lens) so that I wouldn't feel dismayed if the driving rain tricked the weather sealing and bricked the whole system. So of course I reached for the Panasonic G85 with its companion lens, the 12-60mm f3.5 to f5.6. The combination cost me around $900 and since the lens and body work the image stabilization in concert the system is rock steady and perfect for handholding a camera for video and stills in 50 mile per hour wind gusts.

An umbrella is of little use in driving rain coupled with high winds. It will wiggle out of one's grasp with the first gusts. I came back to my car an hour later thoroughly soaked but happy to have had the exercise and adventure. 

While Austin has been subjected to nearly continuous wind gusts of 30, 40, and 50 mph the central and west parts of the city have seen less total rain than was expected. The people in Houston and between Houston and Corpus Christi have not been so lucky and are in a world of pain right now that just seems to get worse and worse. The storm is currently predicted to be circling around to hit them once again and drop even more rain. If you have the extra cash you might take a moment to send a donation to the Red Cross. I have a feeling people are going to need help for months or even years to come. 

We are safe and dry here at VSL. Our thoughts are with all those millions of people who are still in harm's way...


  1. Thanks for the first hand footage Kirk.

    We've seen it in the news here in Germany that Corpus Christi and Houston were hit hard, and I also looked at some weather webcam from downtown Austin (and also the lakes) already. Doesn't seem to be *that* hard around there; consider yourselves lucky.

    I agree about umbrellas - they're utterly useless, that's why I never even carry one.

  2. I wish all Texans all the best over the next few weeks dealing with what ever mother nature inflicts on them.

  3. It is good to see somebody testing the weather sealing of the G85.

    I have shot my weather sealed Olympus cameras (E-1, E-3, E-5, E-m5 mark I, E-m1 mark I, TG-2) in various rainstorms over the years (and taken it on amusement park flume rides and the boat ride at Niagara Falls -- yeah, I know childish). However, since I got the G85 9 months ago, I haven't done much wet shooting.

    I assumed the seals of the G85/12-60mm were adequate, but I didn't do much testing of them. I did get the cameras splashed by a wave during a whale watch, and rinsed both the E-m1 mark I and G85 off with the distilled water I brought along just in case since salt can be a killer.

  4. Love the Viking helmet! Glad some people still have a sense of humour in tough situations.

  5. kirk-good luck to your neighbors near and far.

    having had hurricane sandy sweep over us here in nyc a few years back, i can commiserate.

    i must say, i thought the panasonic motion footage looked darn good.

    was that 4k on a 1080p timeline?

    stay strong. stay patient.

    be well-rob


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