Color mods made to yesterday's video upload. Much better skin tone....I think....

Marty Robinson, Clinician. Discusses the Ottobock C-Leg. from Kirk Tuck on Vimeo.

What do you think?


  1. Two words: Vector Scope. Wish I had it on every still camera for fine tuning flesh tones....

  2. I'm sure that if you see the difference, it's there. But not noticeable on my iPad.

  3. Kirk

    Looks likes you took out a little blue? They are different. I think I like the new one better but I have a tendency to push skin tones toward red.


  4. Hey Kirk,
    I see you are adjusting the magenta a bit? That seems to be the change I notice in Robinson's face... One of the tests I have been repeatedly doing is for skin tones and I recently bought a small Video Colour Checker passport.

    I saw a tutorial where the person gave a tip to crop the video so it only shows the passport and use the Vector Scopes in Premiere Pro's Lumetri colour and work on the scopes to get colour all straightened out before "looking" at the video... He pointed out this technique is a good way of seeing how our cameras might approach certain colours like red or blue (consistent shifts I believe he meant).

    Using the not very flat Olympus Picture profile I have been producing my own presets for particular light sources to help with this...

    Though that might help... of course you are probably miles ahead of this advice :D

  5. I think it's a smidgen nicer, but the difference is minimal to my eyes...

  6. I'm not really seeing much of a difference. Very little if any. In fact, I might prefer the first rendering, but the differences are so small that I really have to strain to differentiate.

  7. I notice more a difference in the clinician's shirt color, as though a slight color cast has shifted or disappeared. Either way, his shirt seems to show a tinge of "detergent gray."

  8. Thank you for this. I did put a comment to the Dpreview review that it surprised me that Panasonic would put out a less than stellar lens. They have a very credible reputation to protect, when it comes to lens design and manufacture. I took the review results at face value....

  9. You shot this video!?! David's an old roommate of mine. Small world.


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