One More Video Project From Our Assignment in February.

Marty Robinson, Clinician. Discusses the Ottobock C-Leg. from Kirk Tuck on Vimeo.

In this video we interview Marty Robinson who is a clinician with expertise in fitting prosthetics. He discussed the evolution from mechanical knee/leg devices to microprocessor controlled ones.

Our primary footage of Marty was shot in 4K with the Sony A7Rii but the video was created in the 1080p space. All of the b-roll footage was shot with the Sony RX10iii camera. The microphone was a Sennheiser MKE600 suspended on a boom pole, attached to a cart.

Processed in Final Cut Pro X. Music from PremiumBeat.com


ODL Designs said...

Best of the bunch so far Kirk. I am enjoying seeing these get metered out, any chance of you popping back up here for another job? :D

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Hey AL, it's good to hear from you! As you can see we ended up doing more than the single edited video I started out thinking we were going to produce. I came back and edited everything into one program, just like it said in the brief, but then I opened my big mouth and suggested that releasing four smaller ones over the course of the month might be more effective. I forgot that I'd be the one who would have to edit them. It does look better than I bet the chaos looked to you on that cold Friday...

I'm working with the client and hope to convince them that I need to go back to Burlington for more stuff. We'll see if they take the bait.

I had a blast working with you. Maybe you should come here. But don't do it in the middle of the Summer... Best, Kirk

Unknown said...

This video in my opinion is excellent. The lighting, the interview & an amazing product that you captured perfectly. I am sure the client is pleased. As always your blog is not talk it is results!