Zany Cheap Stuff I Love to Have in My Studio (or in the car, or in the rolling case, etc.) Part 6.

Pelican organizational device. Much needed in my life.

These little waterproof cases are from Pelican. I use the one above to keep my Sennheiser wireless system safe and all together. The size is just right. I use another one that is the same size but a different color to keep all my radio triggers for studio flashes, etc. in one place. If everything has a dedicated box to live in it cues you to get your stuff back in the right container after every shoot. I need to get a couple more; one for camera batteries and one for all the small audio cables I seem to be collecting for microphones, mixers, etc.

These guys are sturdy and the clear lid is great for a quick check on what's inside. They even come with a carabiner so you can hook them to some part of your camera bag or roller case. They're less than $20 and also make a great box for the huge collection of sunglasses that seem to be building almost daily in my car....

Organization. That means I need a much bigger Pelican case so I can keep these little boxes inside.....
It never stops.


neopavlik said...

I have pelican cases and they are useful but one of my thriftiest things that made me happy was battery containers.



Jimmy Reina said...

Most photographers carry the gearhead gene. It is what fuels the search for the perfect camera bag, tripod, or containers for our stuff doesn't ever end.
George Carlin did a great riff on "Stuff", and the containers that hold it-

Jimmy Reina said...

Did I leave the right URL for STUFF?

Here it is-

Wally said...

I started my career in broadcasting - the media is/was the message- back then and ended up in data management! Along the way sold CD Rom servers. We advised installing these servers locally as opposed to wide area as ethernet packets packets by design can get dropped, resent, and reassembled on the receiving end. With video if you drop a packet at 30 frames per second your eye probably wont see it. if you drop a packet of sound your ear will hear it. We tend to overlook the aural and sound design is under appreciated. Great article.

Nigel said...

Just wanted to say that you recent series of posts has been extremely helpful to a video neophyte (me).
Thanks !