Zany Cheap Stuff I Love to Have in My Studio (or in the car, or in the rolling case, etc.) Part 2.

I'm not sure what to call this thing but it's not too expensive (unless there is a Leica version...). 

This one is around $19 and it's a life saver for anyone who needs to put a microphone and a small light or mixer on to of their DSLR (or RX10iii) and still be able to look into the view finder. I bought it after a bout of extreme frustration with the way microphones have to sit on camera hot shoes. They always stick out the back, about two inches above the view finder. This means you end up
looking at the screen in your best "dirty diaper baby hold" or you live with a huge XLR connector punching into your forehead as you try to scrunch around to see your image and avoid impalement. 

I saw it in the store and snatched it off the rack as soon as I could in a fit of scarcity compulsion; it was the last one on the rack. I rushed home to try it out on my (current) favorite video camera, the Sony RX10iii. If I put my shotgun microphone on the left or right side of the unit it totally cleared my insanely handsome forehead and also lowered the risk that a long microphone might actually show in the very wide shot. 

I got fancy recently and used it with a microphone on the right side and a little Beachtek passive mixer/XLR interface on the other side. Great for fast moving documentation when you just don't have the resources to get the mic off the camera. It works! 

This is the kind of stuff you want to keep in the case for those mic placement emergencies. Or for lighting. Nothing more to say. 


Anonymous said...

Gear post of the year, so far, Kirk.

OK, that's not a big claim but will definitely be buying one. I use a Flare Dinkum hot shoe mounted flag with uber-wides and, just occasionally, it would be nice to use two of them.

Craig Yuill said...

I recently acquired a couple of microphones. I was going to connect them directly to the camera. I had also thought that, when circumstances permitted it, that I connect them to a device like the Zoom H1 (which records really nice sound, especially given its low price). The device could then output the audio to the camera. The problem was, how to easily connect both mic and device to the camera. I now know how I can do it. Thank you.