And here's my interpretation of the image in black and white. I must admit that, out of habit, I prefer the black and white rendition. I know, it's nostalgia...


  1. Looks a bit grainy, but yes, I prefer this one as well.

  2. That's the sweetest photo of an innocent looking woman I've seen. Good work.

  3. Beautiful shot and I totally agree with you.....and.... what's wrong with nostalgia? I own an Olympus E-1 with 5 megapixel sensor, but what it does with the pixels is amazing and the camera is as sturdy as a tank. Most modern cameras, also the pro ones, feel like a toy to me with lots of plastic compared to the E-1 and E-3! So I stick to the 'oldies' as long as possible. In the end it all comes down to waht your eyes see and your mind feels while photographing;-)
    I love your site btw!

    Kind regards

    Gerie Sandmann


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