Mild celebration: We've crested 16,000,000 page views. Yes, that's sixteen million.

resident blog maniac: Kirk Tuck yells instructions from behind the Leaf AFi7.

I almost missed the fact that today we hit another milestone and crested 16 million pageviews since 2009. I've generated more than 1600 posts, been pummeled by thousands of troll comments and changed camera systems more frequently than some people change their underwear. And we're still here. Writing. (Dear God, why?).

The reason I almost missed this landmark occasion was the breaking news across the internet. No, it's not about the nation's budget crisis, it was the admission by Jasmine Starr that she "lifted" a number of her most popular blog posts from "unattributed" sources on the web and passed them off as her own. (stole, pilfered, plagiarized?) Even though we don't do that sort of thing here at VSL I have looked into my heart and forgiven her. It's tough to write a blog every day (though a bit easier for her since she also used interns to source materials) and I can understand the pressure that comes from having to write about new shoes and yet another life changing and incredible wedding in the same week. What you get here is genuine original stuff (even when it stinks) and I am writing under my own name.....

so what's up in the VSL news?

I wanted everyone to know that I'll be in NYC next week for the Photo Plus Expo at the Javits Center from October 24th to October 26th. I'll be demo-ing the new Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera and generally having a fun time surrounded by tens of thousands of photographers and vendors who hope photographers go away with a genuine and enduring lust for their products. Please, please, please come by and introduce yourself, say hello and let me know you're there. If you can pull yourself away from one more workshop about using small flashes....

On another front I've completed two more really fun photography courses for Craftsy.com and I'm waiting breathlessly for them to launch. They're trying to make me look as good as they can in post production and that takes extra time but I think we're going to see them launch the courses in the early part of November. I'd love it if you tried one of the courses because it materially benefits me and, if you really don't like it.......there's a 100% money back guarantee. I hope you won't feel the need to use it.... One of the courses will be offered absolutely FREE. No Charge!!! Just go take it.

I'll let you know when it launches. 

Finally, I've taken up a new hobby. I'm writing a blog that's just about gear. It's for that side of my brain. It's called RIPE CAMERA and I'll roll it out in a few weeks when I have enough fun content there. You can start enjoying it now by Googling "Ripe Camera."

I love writing the blog and I don't particularly care if you click on any of the links to Amazon that I haphazardly post but I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THE FEEDBACK that you put into the comments. It lets me know that you are there, paying attention and you maybe even appreciate having a free content source about photography to distract you between work and online shopping. So, if you have a moment make a comment. Nice ones are best but the mean ones tend to generate more acrimonious secondary blog posts so......if you think things have been too calm around here then take your chances. But no ad hominem attacks or I'll track you down and give you a stern look. 

That's all I've got right now. You fill in the blanks.

Studio Portrait Lighting

I'm a Craftsy Instructor


  1. Congratulations on passing another milestone, Kirk. It seems that only recently did this blog hit the 1 Million page views mark.

    I did enroll in your studio lighting course, and have gone through a few of the lessons. They are very well done, but I have yet to get the chance to put what you have covered into practice. As it turns out, a room down the hall from where I work has studio lighting gear and backgrounds. I think I can talk the instructor who works in that room into letting me shoot some photos there.

    I think your course on family photography will be of most interest to me. It is the type of shooting I do the most, and even though I am often happy with the shots I get, I am always looking for ways to improve.

    I would encourage other VSL readers to look into your, and others', courses at Craftsy.com. They cost little, and are very well done. Kudos to you for agreeing to do online courses for that site.

    1. Thanks Craig, I am enjoying the whole process of teaching on camera. The nice thing is that the video editors at Craftsy do such a nice job editing out my gaffs...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It is always good for me to see your name in the comments. I feel like you are one of the founding members of VSL. I always appreciate it.

  3. Always a good read and a good look, my friend.

  4. I'd love to comment more often, usually in a favorable way, if I could just get the damn comments to work.

    Usually I don't even see the box (very standard Firefox on Win 7 setup) and I think only once have I actually gotten a comment to post.

    Oh, but congratulations anyway. Good job.

    1. Gato. Success! The comment system worked. Thanks.

    2. Same problem here, except I'm on GNU/Linux.

      Congratulations, Kirk! You've earned it, and I'm grateful to you.

  5. Congratulations Kirk, you built it and they came!

  6. Congratulations, Kirk! Well, earned and well read.

    If you do a separate blog on gear, though, won't that tank viewership of this one?

    1. Hi Bernard, Readership tanks whenever we're not writing about gear here. Nothing new. The biggest pageview generator would be a contentious series of articles entitled, "Canikon Dinosaurs battle the more evolved Mirrorless cameras to the death!!!! Which one is the ultimate!!!!" But I don't really want to write that. And my long term readers would just shrug and say, "Kirk is having one of those days."

    2. I read enough drivel about gear elsewhere. I'm here for the art, the love, and the passion of photography - all of which, you articulate very well.


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