One lovely reader asked to see my images from the LES MISERABLES dress rehearsal at Zach Theatre.

You know, the ones I took and ran through post production late into the night just before I left town for Colorado for eight days. I finally had time to go back and look at them and now I want to go see the musical again, but this time without a camera stuck in front of my face.

Technical Details: No big news here. No tripod, no monopod; all just handheld from the top row of the orchestra setting about half way into the theater. Two cameras and two lenses: Sony a99 and Sony a850 cameras. Mostly shot at 3200 and 1600 ISO. 70-200mm G f2.8 on the a850 and a Tamron SP 28-70mm f2.8 on the a99. All images shot as Large (24mp) extra-fine Jpegs. Breath out slowly and massage the shutter button. Recompose and repeat. Wait for the "peak of action." Shoot again. I generated about 2200 files over the course of the show (it's a longer one) and someone else edited them down. Delivered on a pixie sized 500 GB hard drive. Great show!!! Wonderful actors. Cool lighting.

Wanna see em bigger?  Keep clicking on them...

Studio Portrait Lighting

Studio Portrait Lighting


Joe Gilbert said...

Absolutely surreal! From the color and lighting, to the motion blur of the more active subjects, I don't think a better set of photos could have been planned! WOW!

atmtx said...

They have a wonderful look to them.

andrew said...

Incredible. Such dedicated artists. The choral scenes especially are classic. Thanks, many thanks. (I coulda been a contenda.)