No accounting for taste.

This is one of my favorite photographs of the week...


  1. Ahhhh Mr. T. The Great Question that plagues all "thinking" photographers. I'm forced to agree with you. The overwhelming majority of the photographic community seems forever trapped in the "great gear", "technique" and "pretty picture" mode that says nothing. Even the photo courses I took at Arts Schools focused primarily on technique and the "business" of photography. And yes, mia culpa; been there and struggled with it till I stumbled onto a couple of local photographers who run a small group (max 5) series of courses on the ART of photography - lots of looking at the work of the masters (Koudelka included), how and why images work, artistic standards, personal vision and lots of critique, discussion and sharing. PHOTOGRAPHIC HEAVEN! There really are such places, but they are hard to find because they are not "main stream" and tend to avoid the usual photography schools like the plague.

  2. The small red pulley block makes the picture. At least for me.


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