Riddle me this, Batman....Will my Canon 9000 printer ever work with Apple Mavericks?

Motorola Guys Making the Wafers. Circa late 1990's.

Or will I need some science people to deconstruct my printing paradigm and reimagine it?

Serious, the ole Canon Pixma 9000 was working all fine and dandy and then I upgraded and .... kapowy!!! Zapp! Slam#, Pow!!! it's no longer recognized. Do I give up and send the printer on it's way or do I persevere in the hopeless delusion that it's something simple that I just haven't figured out yet?

Guide me, oh brilliant readers! Shazammm!!!!

The problem was solved: Here is the solution offered by reader, Phil Lewis:

MAC Print Drivers

You have to remove the new apple drivers and use the older Canon drivers.

1.) Download the  Snow Leopard 10.6 Canon drivers (newest on the Canon website).

2.) Reset the printer system.   This removes most of the files in the /Library/Printers folder; however, there are still hidden files in the folder that had stuff that think contribute to the driver "confusion".

3.) Set Finder to see hidden files.  Opened Terminal and entered:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

4.) Removed the (now unhidden) canon folder from /Library/Printers

5.) Install the new driver obtained in step 1.   This installs the printer in the Printers & Scanner System Preferences, and the printer will run with the 10.6 driver.

6.) Reset Finder to hide hidden files from Terminal

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
                killall Finder


Howard said...

Kirk, do you have the latest driver..November 29, 2013

Canon says the pro 9000 is compatible

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Thanks. That's all the encouragement I needed to keep banging my head against the wall.... :-)

Michael Matthews said...

Yup. Here's the driver URL.


Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Dear Genius Friends. I found the drivers. I loaded them and then----nada. Then the dog ran across the studio to bark at someone outside and she accidentally (?) knocked the printer's power plug out of the wall. When I plugged it back in the printer whirred for a while, made some other noises and now it's working like a champ.

Thanks to Michael, Howard and the Dog I am back in the invoice printing business. A very big relief !!!!

howard said...

There are many reasons dogs are considered mans' best friend. That is another. What a hoot.

Anonymous said...

I have had similar issues and have a tech support call in. Since the OS upgrade and the latest canon driver I can not use ICC profiles for canon papers when printing through photoshop. The only way I have been able to print through PS is to use Canon Easy Photo Print pro. It seems to use the correct paper profile but does not offer all of the features on printing in PS. Will report back if I get a resolution.

Gingerbaker said...

Your dog was barking at your local Canon Pixma rep.

Anonymous said...

Update on Pro9000

I spoke with canon this morning. The e-mail tech support people couldn't help and directed me to phone support. The tech was very nice and tried to resolve the issue but to no avail.

He suggested that I use the latest driver, which was installed and said that the profiles I was looking for, which had previously shown up in the PS CS print dialog box, were installed if they showed up in Easy Photo print Pro (PS plug in which does work; though without all of PS's functions). Since the profiles were in the plug in, he said that the problem might be with PS.

In my case I wish I had never installed Mavericks as I have seen no benefit, my laptop is slower and I have this issue.

I think we may be screwed, though differently. I didn't become a PS user and learn all of those profile names and codes to use Easy Photo Print - though that looks like where I will be at least until a new driver comes out and resolves the problem.

Good luck. I hope your issue is resolved and I hope I can find further info on mine.

PS: Sorry for the anon comment; I don't really subscribe to anything and am not on FB, G+ or other social media. Here is my e-mail for verification; please don't post it if you can edit it from the comments: jacodog@yahoo.com

Thanks again for the great site and the tons of education I have received from it. I read it frequently and always enjoy your writing and especially your knowledge and insights. Thanks again.

Phil said...

I sent Kirk a solution to this problem. I little long for a blog post, but if you want it, email him or me.