We had a brief outage yesterday and a blog was "misplaced."

Some readers tried to log on yesterday evening and were met with a message that they would have to be invited to the blog to read it. The problem has been remedied although I seem to have lost the blog entry I wrote on financial matters for people jumping into creative jobs/careers. We'll see if we can't re-peice that one and put it back up.

It's Saturday. I had a wonderful swim practice with amazing coach, Kathleen Hersey (two time Olympian and amazing butterfly swimmer)  this morning followed by coffee with swimmer friends.

It's sunny and beautiful in Austin today so, after lunch with the family I'm heading out to see what's new. That's the extent of my blog today.

Camera in hand for the afternoon? The under appreciated Panasonic G6 with its new friend, the Sigma 30mm f2.8 dn.

Too much fun!


  1. Lucky me. I read your financial advice item late last night, linking to it from Google+. Sound advice all the way around. Too bad I'm too old to adhere to it. Good luck convincing those young enough to start out as you prescribe. The combined effect of youthful optimism and the totally unfounded sense of being bulletproof makes it a hard sell.

  2. Your post is still available in your RSS feed


  3. Uh oh ... Now I need to remember my pithy comments. 'Tis pithy, but 'tis true.

  4. Hi Kirk,
    I'm a regular reader of your blog, but have just returned to the UK from a ten day trip to Croatia, needing to catch up with the backlog - I couldn't read your blog in Croatia because it was banned! Are you aware of this? Have you been upsetting any Croatian bigwigs recently?
    Best wishes,
    Pat Bennett

  5. I used to date the premier's daughter and it didn't end well....


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