Walk Image #1 and Walk Image #2


  1. Cool! Now slap on an Olympus Art Filter and show us one or two more. I'm getting people to celebrate Art Filters this weekend. Art Filter Weekend

  2. speaking of art filters... obsessing over the vintage one from the em1 firmware update! lol
    ive been trying to make it into a lightroom preset... no luck so far...! its an instagramcam now! :D hehehehe

    love the look of the skies in yer 2 shots
    im slightly bugged by the tip of a building on the lower right tho, or is it a building? is it a weird patch of sky?

  3. Shot an almost identical yellow crane on blue cloudy sky just yesterday. With the same angle... Well, since I started reading your blog I discovered we are attracted by the same type of subjects - and btw thanks again for the G3 post about 2 years ago, I bought it and used it for 18 happy months!


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