Look where my photography is being used...


I love working with scientific companies because they tend to be logical, sensible and I understand them better than more ephemeral commercial niches, like experiential software. We've been working with the folks at Cerilliant for many years and I thought it would be fun to show how my images are being used on their website.

My client's business is all about chemistry. That's why nearly every page on their website has a portrait of one of their people. They really understand that while the science of chemistry is their business it's the chemistry their people have with customers and partners that drives the business.

Lots of photography bloggers talk a good game in their reviews while showing lots of stacks of crayons, fuzzy stuffed animals and photographs of significant others (almost uniformly in poor lighting). I like to show real world stuff when I can so that when you read something I've written you can see a certain amount of proof that I might know what I'm talking about.

All of the images were shot on white backgrounds and then dropped out with hand made clipping paths. Selected images are also used on large, printed posters.

Cerilliant makes me smile when I think of chemistry. That's cool.


Bill Stormont said...

Every one an individual, focused and friendly and (being chemists)…smarter than you are! No wonder you feel good about this client.

amolitor said...

Nicely done.

Did you know these were going to be used as small b&w pictures on a web site? It strikes me that they were shot quite punchy to make them pop out even at small size, but what do I know?

Andrea said...

"(...)while showing lots of stacks of crayons, fuzzy stuffed animals and photographs of significant others(...)"

...or obscure charts showing that, on a percentile scale, X lens is 1 point higher that Y lens.
So, X lens is BETTER and you can safely choose it over Y lens.