Jaston Williams, photographed for his one man play, "Tru."

©2012 Kirk Tuck. All Rights Reserved.

Texas actor, Jaston Williams, is frequently cast in productions at Zach Theatre and I've gotten to know him from my vantage point as the photographer. It's not like we go out for drinks or play golf together but I think we've developed a good and insightful rapport with each other and have established, through long history, mutual respect for each other's talents. 

I took this photograph at the end of a quick, marketing shoot for Zach Theatre's production of "Tru." "Tru" is a one person play about the writer, Truman Capote. We had already gotten all of the shots on the marketing director's wish list and everyone was moving off to whatever was next on their schedule. I asked Jaston if he would linger for a few more minutes so I could make a few shots exactly the way I envisioned them. 

I know that this somber rendition won't appeal to all of my readers but it is one of my favorite portraits because I know it as part of Jaston's rich range of characterizations. I also enjoy the tonalities and the range from small pools of black to detailed, but on the edge, highlights. 

I did this image with a Sony a77 and the 16-50mm f2.8 Alpha lens.  It's a lens that I've always appreciated and now miss. 

Jaston and I photographed together a few weeks ago for his role of "Scrooge" in "A Christmas Carol." A totally different characterization. I'll post a few of those soon.


George said...

This is wonderful. It is invaluable to be able to study these examples of how to photograph people and reveal their best qualities. "We are our aspirations." Also, I'm engaged in a search for a camera for general shooting at the school I serve as webmaster, and it helps tremendously to see what's possible with various cameras and lenses. Very, very useful stuff.

amolitor said...

This is a classic framing that I love and which we rarely see in these modern times.

Thanks for making and sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I like this one a lot!
I think this is the best non square format portrait I've seen of yours.

Looking forward to seeing the new ones.