I went to the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

I went to the part of the Berlin Wall that was preserved and made into an ongoing project with murals from artists from around the world. The artists have created all kinds of works dealing with freedom and barriers. The ones that spoke to me most clearly are the murals which illustrate other walls around the world. Walls in Palestine, the Texas-Mexico boarder and the walls between north and south Korea.

I was trying to find some way to illustrate the wall but I'm not a landscape landscape artist and I generally mess up compositions that have huge horizontal sweeps. I started looking for human elements to juxtapose with the Wall.

These are quick shots done quickly but I think it would be wonderful to come back and do a series of images on a few cold, grey and overcast days when the light is less direct and the feeling of it all is quieter.

I like the two images above but I'm including the image below because the bill board was so disturbing and so inappropriately placed. I would ask if there are no limits to the vulgarity of advertising but I already know the answer. I used to work in the industry....

The billboard is across the four lane street on the other side of the wall. That it seems to be an addition to the top of the wall speaks to its enormous size.

Shot at f11 for more depth of field...

Camera: Samsung Galaxy NX.

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  1. Hi Kirk,

    Glad you enjoyed Berlin. My wife and I have spent time there for each of the last two years on our travels from Australia to Europe. The Berlin Wall's fragments are scattered across the city. On our trip last May, we made a point of visiting the so-called "East Side Gallery", a section of the Wall that became famous after its fall when the Soviet side became the site for artists invited from around the world to paint their reactions to the momentous events of 1989. Today, this section is the site of protests to _preserve_ the Wall from high-rise construction taking place nearby. It is also the site of a significant artists' copyright suit filed by some of the original painters who objected to their art being "recreated/copied" a few years ago in order to preserve it from vandals. When there, I photographed some of the murals. For a few of the shots see:

    (depicting the famous kiss between Brezhnev & Erich Honnecker)



    (showing the original by the artist Indiano, "copied" in 2009 by Yoni)

    Hope you get a chance to return to Berlin. We certainly plan to. So much history; so much that is visually exciting.

    John Gordon


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