Pano-Mania. Going extra wide for fun.

I've not really a panorama guy. I played with Noblex cameras and Widelux cameras a little bit back in the film days but it always felt kind of like a gimmick to me. Now PhotoShop and digital imaging have made do-it-on-the-cheap panoramas entirely possible, even for people with no technical talent whatsoever... Count me in.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy NX. Kit lens.
PhotoShop > Photo Merge

Studio Portrait Lighting


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  2. Great shot Kirk.
    I love this feature!
    I have a shot where a gut approaches an intersection and then is crossing same..
    I got mine from Canon, but think it's downloadable from internet.
    had to delete earlier comment, spelling more than awful..using an old PC..

  3. I was hooked on my 5N's sweep pano feature from day one. Just so great when travelling.

  4. By the way, the building on the picture is one top Dresden tourist attraction, called the "Zwinger" which means literally the ancient fortification. More details under http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwinger


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