Golden Oldie about EVFs....


This one came up in a bunch of searches today.  It's something I wrote for  Michael Johnston's blog a while back. In light of recent announcements I thought it might be fun reading. Again.

Smooth sailing into NYC. The fun starts tomorrow. Best, Kirk


  1. Kirk,
    I enjoyed chatting with you this morning at PhotoPlus Expo. You mentioned how the business has changed since you started in the early 80's (same for me in IT). The editor of Rangefinder (I picked up a free copy at the entrance to the Expo) has written an interesting take on it in that issue.

  2. I like the font and the colors of your new blog title

    I think it is too big. When I open your site on a landscape oriented browser all I see is the blog title. It fills the screen.

    I would like it to only fill the top 10% of the screen.

  3. I had a "DUH" moment reading the post on sensor format .... the four thirds format is a landscape version of classic half-frame.

    I would like to see an Olympus Pen EP5 variant with a portrait format version of the EVF, LCD and the Sensor.

  4. here is the actual link to you posting on the value of the EVF.



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