The "sky effect" lens. 14mm.

We got lost a couple of times. Once when trying to find the wastewater treatment plant outside Abilene and another time trying to find a park but when we finally got our sense of the layout of Abilene we had no trouble finding the pistol and rifle ranges for the Abilene Police Department. It was fun (in a very American way) to photograph cadets and officers firing magazine after magazine at various kinds of targets. Some targets were engaged from static positions and others required the officers to move laterally while shooting.

I may have been wearing my safety glasses and a set of ear protectors but it didn't stop me from seeing this amazing cloudy sky just a quarter of an hour before the onset of sunset. I put down the GH3 and the telephoto zoom and grabbed the Sony a99 with the zany Rokinon 14mm and tried a few shots. I was happy with the result. This is one of those fun lenses that pushes one to try it over and over again with all kinds of subject matter until you basically burn out on the effect and go back to your regular way of engaging. But I'm still in the fascination period and having a blast making skies look dramatic.

The Rokinon 14mm Cine t3.5 Lens. Fun.


Simon Morgan said...

It is a nice effect though. And it makes me want to break out my Sigma 10-20 again until I too can burn out the effect. Why they didn't just make it a 10mm I have no idea. I doubt I've ever used it at any other focal length.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful perspective, shooting very wide is a liberating experience, so long you do not become addicted :-)

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Anonymous said...

Try the Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye for micro 4/3. It has a similar effect - especially when you correct the distortion in post - but without correction the "fish" is not so extreme when used with care.