Just watching my Studio Portrait Lighting Video on Craftsy.com

I sent a friend who wanted to learn about photography to one of my www.Craftsy.com classes and she came back raving. She loved the way the two and a half hour classes build, the feature where she could stop and start the video and automatically go back 30 seconds and she loved asking questions that I had to go online and answer. The course she took was absolutely aimed at beginner photographers and it's called,  Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling

But the class I wanted to bring to my VSL readers' attention is my Studio Portrait Lighting course. In the studio lighting course we walk through different ways to light portraits and it's really a course in how I light a portrait. We cover different modifiers and different lights. I'm a big fan of continuous lights but the use of light and of modifiers works pretty much across the lighting spectrum (pun partially intended). 

I think the Studio Portrait Lighting class might be interesting to readers who haven't spent a lot of time shooting with controlled lighting but who might be interested to see how one person does it. With the code in the link the class is about $30. Once you buy a class you can go back to it as often as you like for as long as you like. You also get to quiz me online but it might take a day of two to get an answer. 

If you hate the course you can use Craftsy.com's money back guarantee to make yourself whole again and if you are particularly careful you can go and look at the trailer before you commit. 

I actually hate doing commercials for classes here on the blog but the classes are one of the ways I generate income and I've decided to be less shy about at least showing my readers what I have to offer. I like the way Craftsy.com does their classes and I'm taking one about making croissants right now. After that I'll find another cooking class that appeals. 

I have also taken Neil Van Niekirk's very good class on portrait lighting with small flashes and enjoyed it. These classes are much more condensed and easy to use than the free, multi-day classes offered at other sites. I hope you'll try one of mine to see how you like it. 

And if you have a friend who is just getting into photography and needs to go from understanding f-stops and shutter speeds and how to hold a camera and some remedial post processing you might want to point them to the Family Photography class. My friends who need the class are telling me they love it. 

I have to add, I learned a lot of new stuff about video production by participating as the instructor! Thanks Patty!


  1. What a charming model and a natural beauty.

  2. Hi Kirk
    I do find it difficult to believe that you can be shy about anything on your blog. You can rest assured that I will keep reading no matter what you post, unless of course you start telling us that MS Windows is the way to go now. Then I may have to find a new favourite blog. I also bought your courses and highly recommend them.
    Thanks Ed

  3. Yes, offering/selling a product with a picture of a cute girl always works. Especially within a male-dominated audience. :)

    Nothing shameful about offering one's products in one's blog. As long as it's not too aggressive.

  4. I bought the class just as a refresher and enjoyed it very much. It is easy to get too secure in our knowledge, and in the first 45 mins I picked up a couple of "rules of thumb" I hadn't come across and filed them away for future use.

    A very enjoyable lesson.


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