At Home Making Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee. Nice to relax.

Self portrait with Berlebach monopod+Nikon D750+Ancient 80-200mm 2.8 Lens.

It's fun to go on assignments out of town. You meet new people, learn new and interesting things and generally get outside your normal patterns. But it's nice to come home and relax. I relaxed yesterday by going (several times) to a rehearsal of EVITA at Zach Theatre and shooting whatever I wanted to. And that included a self-portrait shot into the mirror that runs a hundred feet across one side of the rehearsal studio. 

For the last year I've had success in sending files to clients via WeTransfer and before that I used DropBox (which has a kludgy interface). I recently discovered that Smugmug.com will allow people who pay for their professional level of service to upload almost unlimited jpeg files and allow clients to download .Zip folders full of images. 

I sent 8.5 gigabytes of files to my recent client, of our Houston project, and I sent another 1,385 images, or about 10 gigabytes, to the art director at Zach Theatre last night. The links that Smugmug generates are active for two weeks but the images remain in my "Smugmug Cloud" for as long as I pay for the service. So far, I think it's a very effective way to move a lot of files around the country. 

After having shot with the Nikon D810 for a good portion of the week, and with the Olympus EM5.2 for the remainder of the week I am happy with both systems and am having a rare period in which I have absolutely no camera "gear lust" of which to speak or write about. My friend and sometimes collaborator, James Webb, is getting a new Sony A7R2 camera tomorrow and I'm sure he'll allow me a few test shots. I have in mind shooting that camera side by side with the big Nikon and comparing the resulting files. It should be an interesting comparison.

But for now I'm heading back into the house to make sure my cinnamon rolls don't burn.....

Edited a bit later: The cinnamon rolls were great and we decided to make scrambled eggs with cheese to go with them. Extra long walk through downtown this Sunday....

Another addition: Just did a quick check and am surprised to find that I have 140,000  images up on Smugmug.com. Nearly 178 gigabytes of stuff going back to 2006. No stumbles. 

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Don Parsons said...

Next time you make ciiny rolls & eggs w/cheese, please call me! :-)