Big Firmware News from Olympus! Camera bonus!

Go read the details here: http://www.olympus-global.com/en/news/2015b/nr150915omde.jsp

Olympus has announced some firmware upgrades there's one exciting add on for each of the top two cameras in the line up. The EM-1 gets upgraded to version 4.0 and to my mind the stand out feature is the addition of FOCUS STACKING. When shooting macro images (and I assume it would work for any image...) the camera shoots 8 images, varying the focus point between each shot, and then processes them together automatically to create an image with deeper focus. It's all done in camera.

Hit the above link to see what else has been added to the EM-1.

The EM5.2 gets something that I am overjoyed by! The firmware upgrade to version 2.0 gives the camera a FLAT profile for video. It has been suggested that my writing here about the camera as a video tool may have been instrumental in this offering. (Go VSL blog). What this means is (hopefully) a file with much more usable dynamic range with which to edit. The lack of a flat profile was one of the big omissions on this camera as a video production tool. I will be downloading and testing it as soon as possible since I have a production coming up quickly and would love to use EM-5.2 because of it's amazing image stabilization. THANK YOU OLYMPUS.

To read about the rest of the details for all the cameras benefitting, again, hit the link above...

Nice when new, useful features are added to a camera you already own and like.

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday.


Philip Storry said...

Congratulations. Now you're not just writing about cameras, you're helping to make them.

Don't forget to send them an invoice! ;-)

Ken said...

I heard it won't be available until the end of November. Hope it's still useful for your upcoming project. PS Waiting for an EM5.2 rental to arrive for tryout. I've been shooting professionally with Lumix GX7's for almost 2 years and am looking forward to see what joy the Olympus can bring to my life. Shot OM2's in the 70's and love how the MkII's look so much like them.

amolitor said...

So now when the customer wants Bob and Ted in focus, but Marty out of focus, you can just do it, right?

Your blog posts sure go obsolete fast ;)

Henk said...


Don't want to spoil your party but: 'which will be released for late November 2015'

I aree there are some interesting features being added.


Dave said...

I just blew all my EM5 money on an RX100, oh well maybe Santa will be nice this year (versus the other years when he poops down my chimney).

Cliff R. said...

My dad has an EM-1 and I know he's going to be excited about the focus stacking upgrade.

Richard Leacock said...

More good news! An early christmas present from Olympus.
Can source out a used Em5 mk2 or EM 1for a good price, but which one to get?