Evita Part Two: Which lens was this?

Evita Still Photo. ©2015 Kirk Tuck, for Zach Theatre.


  1. Hint, I am at least 200 feet from the actors....

  2. Ok Kirk, I got the guess wrong on your previous post. It's the Sony RX10m2 that you said you probably wouldn't try out :-)

  3. Unless the photos have been cropped, I'm going to guess, based on the shape of the frame, that you used the EM5-II and, I seem to remember, you have an old 150mm Pen lens.

  4. I was about to go for the Olympus when Justin reminded me of your talk about the Sony RX10m2. Seems to me your small cameras don't deliver quite the crisp detail of the larger ones, plus there's the proportion of the frame. Also the colors don't look quite like Olympus to me. But really just guessing.

    (Not knocking small cameras - I use m4/3 myself.)

  5. Which lens? I'm guessing it was the one on your camera. Seems rather obvious to me.

  6. Hi Kirk,

    I would guess the OMD-EM5II with the Pan 30-100mm at 100mm [200 equivalent] or close. I didn't think that the Topfer was that deep. Only 15 rows deep, I would think that the house is maybe 70 feet deep, so maybe 100 feet to the up stage scenery.

    What ever the lens is, NICE CAPTURE!

    Jim Waite

  7. Hi Jim, So maybe 200 feet is an exaggeration but here's the floorplan with a scale:


    And the theater does seat 420...

    Thanks for the nice comment!

  8. When I looked at it I thought RX10. Someone else beat me to the lunch though.

    Good clarity, noise but not disagreeable (to me anyways). The RX10 has a dandy bit of glass in it.

  9. Kirk,
    How is the focus speed of the 50-200 on the EM-5II?
    With that thing out at 400mm, you should be able nail a Headshot from the back row.

    I broke into my piggy bank to get hold of the Oly 40-150 2.8. for my EM-5I.
    I love it.
    Focus lock is very good with face focus on.
    Very low number of focus error frames.
    Occasionally, with multiple actors I may end up with focus on the wrong face, but ...
    I shoot quite a bit of live theatre my self and use it to death.
    It hasn't let me down, yet.
    Keep posting those Theatre Shots, I always love to see them.
    Jim Waite

  10. Hi Jim Waite, The focusing of the 50-200mm (for the previous mirrored cameras) is very, very slow and sucky on the EM5.2. I did all of the images for Zach (and for the conference that surrounded the Zach project) with manual focusing, leaning on the focus peaking contained in that camera. It takes more concentration than I remember to move with actors, ride the manual exposure and also manually focus, simultaneously. It was a great experiment and I loved the look of the lens but I too will be looking to get the newer 40-150mm f2.8. Kind of a no-brainer after my experiment.

  11. It's your favourite portrait length of 135mm on 4/3 so 270mm equivalent on the OMD EM5ii....pen f glass ?:-0


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