An image from the dress rehearsal of "Evita" at Zach Theatre, on Tuesday night. Which camera? Which lens?

Evita Still Image. ©2015 Kirk Tuck, for Zach Theatre. 

I loved this frame when I saw it in the Lightroom gallery. It's one of the 1500+ images I shot this past Tuesday for Zach Theatre. I'd be curious to see if you know which camera and lens combination I shot this with and why you think your choice is the accurate one. Don't look for exif info. That's cheating...



JustinPhotoArtist said...

my guess on camera is iphone. Image looks a bit rougher than your usual standard Kirk :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd hazard a guess at your Olympus EM5-2, purely based on aspect ratio & the colours.

As for the lens - either the 12-35mm panasonic or (considering that stage lights are usually bright enough) the cheapy 40-150mm

Not sure that the camera matters much when you've managed to catch a really nice pose/expression/composition.



Rod Thompson said...

EM5 mk2 with panasonic 35-100? DOF and skin tones are my hint.

John Krumm said...

Sony 1-inch superzoom? Seriously I have no idea.

Jeff said...

Who cares? The person behind the camera is still the most critical part of the system.

MartinP said...

Wetplate, format 6 1/2 x 8 1/2", lens obviously a 20" Dallmeyer . . . errrrm???


Anonymous said...

It is always a fools errand to try that guessing game, so I will confine my speculations to generalities.

The image is beautiful. It reminds me of classic Hollywood movie poster style rendering. Lots of detail without being obsessively sharp, which is the way modern lenses are being driven by the enthusiast market and the megapixel wars. Just an observation, not a judgement. I am enticed by uber-sharpness as well, but this image benefits from the more "romantic" rendering of whichever lens you chose. It allows us to see the forest without being distracted by the trees.

It feels like one of the newer micro 4/3 cameras, image quality wise, based upon shadow noise and general image tonality, but with modern processing, it is difficult to be certain.

Regardless of the technical quibbles, I love the moment you captured.

dasar photography said...

what is very funny from a european perspective is that nobody here would even imagine a dress like that for the man.
It is really unbelievable for italian theaters