A Favorite Image from a Photographic Assignment Done Last Week. Khali in "A Christmas Carol" for Zach Theatre.

Every so often I feel like I get one just right. Shot with a Panasonic GH5 and the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8.


  1. Yup. I guess all that stalking of rehearsals pays off.

  2. I can feel the audience's feelings in the auditorium and at the same time the actors' efforts on the stage. Each of the actors is looking elsewhere and their movements are directed from each other, but they are well coordinated. Wonderful moment. That's why I go to the theater.

  3. My No 1 from The pictures you where so kind to share a few posts back 😉

  4. Kirk

    Back on 11/22/17, you posted pictures on your latest foray at Zach. My first thought was "oh good, more Zach". This picture and another really caught my eye. I decided to do a casual review of prior Zach expeditions that would include 1 inch and full frame Sony cameras, fz2500, g85, and gh5. I know you always custom white balance.

    In the theater environment, the Panasonics color is just better; I see this in the skin tones even with a custom white balance. With the gh5 there is incredible detail. And the picture organization seems more natural. Just wonderful.


    p.s. Anybody who reads this blog regularly knows I like photos from Zach. I have nothing to do with theater in any regard whatsoever. I'm on the science side of the aisle. Kirks' still photos show there is a place for thoughtful environmental portraiture in this world.

  5. Well done, but let us be honest, that young woman is doing a great deal of heavy lifting here as well.

  6. Kt

    You nailed this one. Perfect.Have a cup of coffee on me.


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